About Us

AcquaZzatta was born, as they say in Italy, from a fast and changing world.

It has been through the demands and the desires made by today’s young families, families who are eco-conscious and everyday more and more aware of the environmental issues and the challenges facing our planet.
With these values as our inspiration AcquaZzatta was created by Naturizzata Water Co. Bringing a crisp, great tasting and healthy water, full of natural minerals to your families and their homes.

Access to great quality water for a family! The benefits are endless! Here are a few.

  1. When children adopt drinking quality water at an early stage, they become life long water drinkers.
  2. Less soft drinks, juices and calories.
  3. Staying hydrated keep the body humming.
  4. Saving money over store bought beverages.

There are many more of course, that we are sure you have already thought of.

We would like to welcome you to the AcquaZzatta family, with many years of health and happiness for all and great water!