AcquaZzatta Filtration Replacement Cylinder

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Filtration Characteristics

All filters made by Sidea Italia are proprietary to Sidea Italia and only available through a Sidea partner.

Thanks to the specialization of the Sidea Italia’s filtration cylinder, we are capable of eliminating all bad tastes and odours that may be present in regular drinking water, above all those caused by chlorine. The Sidea Italia filters are made up of a unique activated coconut carbon, which greatly differ from common carbon due to their characteristics and consequent performances: in fact, in addition to being composed of a top quality and long lasting carbon, thanks to careful studies of how water flows Sidea has integrated within the filtration cylinders a technology allowing optimal water flows with 100% interaction of the carbon and the water traveling through the cylinder, enabling a particular filtration. They also ensure very high capacities, a quite unusual characteristic in disposable filters, they also ensure exceptional performance. This action of the filtration also “traps” both the chemical substances and solid impurities that may be present in drinking water, thus resulting in a difference in the water’s cleanliness clearly noticeable to the naked eye.